Empty iOS applications

As I noted previously I am working through the Big Nerd Ranch books on Objective-C and iOS development.  One of the good things is that all of the  iOS programs used as exercises are started as empty applications.  This means they are built up from nothing but an Application delegate – no storyboard, no XIB file.
It’s taking a bit longer than I had planned so I have ended up having the Xcode development environment being updated to Xcode 6.  The next time I started one of the Big Nerd Ranch exercises I was a little lost – no more ‘empty application’.  The closest option had storyboard and a launch screen XIB, lots of things that were not needed – well, at least in terms of the exercise.
Fortunately other people have had the same problem so thanks to Team Tree House who had a post on their forum reporting the same issue and the kind person who posted a comment there which pointed to Code From Above who clearly detailed how to remove the ‘offending’ additional components from the Single View Application.
All back on track for more learning.