Lotus Notes – Text field “Summary” flag

Here is a recent challenge.  I have field in a Lotus Notes database that contains a log of activity that has happened to a document.  Due to additional functionality and user requirements (isn’t it always the way) this field now, in some cases, overflows.  The error states “32K limit exceeded”.  In fact I think the limit is a lot less.  The limit is set due to the “Summary” flag field the field being set to True.  To see this flag check Doc Properties, choose a text field, and check “Field Flags” which should have “SUMMARY” after it.  With this flag set the field can be used in views.

Bob Balaban wrote a good post about his experiences with the Summary flag and how the 32K limit can be a lot less depending on various conditions.  He also shows some example code about how to set the Summary Flag to False to allow more text to be saved.  The trick is to clear the flag before saving the document.

Now off to do some coding…

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