Hex dump of a file in Windows

(Without installing any software).

Here is the scenario.  You are remotely connected to a server overseas.  You are looking at a text file and want to understand what is separating the various segments of a received HL7 message (or want to look at the contents of any file for that matter).  You could download a hex dump utility and all will be sweet – but in the case upload times could be a problem and you might not have permission to install software.   There must be a way!

Of course there is … thanks to Google and this post which details how to use Powershell to process and dump a file character by character in hex.  Have a look for the response referring to Powershell and add in the change to alway print a two character hex number – keeps things nice and evenly spaced.  Thanks to user “wmz” and www.superuser.com.

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