Welcome (again)!

Welcome again the the Lighthouse Computing Blog!  It now has it’s own new domain and a vision.

Of course the blog is not a life form; it is more of a puppet.  An extension of its authors voice.

And that author is me.  I have been in the IT industry for longer than I care to remember.  In that time I have done a few things – programming, testing, application design, systems architecture, consultancy, team leader, business owner, troubleshooter; and in various environments – COBOL, Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Java, Lotus Notes, SQL and a few others I have forgot.

So here I am on a new adventure.  I’d like to do some iPhone development.  I have a few ideas for apps that I’d like to see in the App Store (with my name on them).  But first I need to learn a new language, a new environment.  It’s a challenge and it’s exciting.

This blog will include some of the lessons I learn along the way as well as references to useful posts that already exist out there.  I’m happy to learn from the wisdom of others and to acknowledge their skills as best I can.

In between I will provide some other posts related to other work projects, experiences, blogging and technology.


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